Project Description

Dr. Kathryn Taylor

BVSc. (Hons)

Dr Kathy Taylor graduated from the University of Queensland with Dr Alice in 1992, and started her career in mixed practice in Gympie. Kathy and Alice first had the opportunity to work together in Noosa, before Kathy moved to the UK to work with London’s BlueCross Charity, where she stayed for 12 years. The BlueCross was an environment that was both dynamic and chaotic, where Kathy learnt to expect the unexpected; experiencing the highs and lows of big city veterinary charity work, which could deliver  wonderful highs and terrible lows all on the same day.

In that environment, Kathy’s diagnostic and surgical skills were honed to a high level of expertise, and she developed her confident solutions based approach, with optimism and empathy for each patient.

Kathy has been working with us at Maroochy District Animal Hospital part time over the last two years and is very popular with our clients for her authentic and energetic approach to patient care. She lights up the building like a rainbow of energy,  and her enthusiasm for pets and veterinary practice is contagious.

Alice’s border collies have been a part of her family for 12 years

Scrappy & Mrs Chippy

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