Project Description

Milo and his lipoma

This is Milo.

Milo has grown an impressive sized lump in his groin area, which has become so large over the last couple of months that it is interfering with the movement of his hind leg and literally “weighing him down”. Milo and his Mum were referred to Dr Alice and the team at Maroochy District Animal Hospital by another client.  A Pre surgical fine needle aspirate showed that the lump was a lipoma, an accumulation of fat cells.  Lipomas are common benign sub cutaneous tumours in dogs, however what set Milo’s apart was its size.

It weighed in at 400gms and left a very large, ventral dead space which we knew would be prone to filling up with inflammatory fluid.  Post operatively, Milo was fitted with a fancy fishnet singlet which would not only create some compression on the surgical site, but also support a ‘jackson pratt’ drainage system to deal with any fluid which was accumulation. Milo’s mum was quickly promoted to home vet nurse with her attention to the apparatus which she had to empty twice daily for 5 days.

It worked beautifully, and Milo will be back for sutures out next week, and we get to admire his new slimmer waist.