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Vet Nurse

Growing up on the coast with a mum with endless empathy for fostering strays, Sonita learnt to care for cats, dogs and guinea pigs of all shapes and sizes, with  various ailments and special needs. “We would take them in with the intention of finding a home for them, but none would ever leave!” Sonita remembers brave hearted blind Jack Russel Ollie who took over the household, not letting his sightlessness get int the way of adventure, and guinea pigs Tom and his special needs co-star Jerry who was albino and consequently suffered with skin and eye ailments due to his lack of pigment.

With her cheery, positive outlook on life and passion for the beach lifestyle, it makes perfect sense that Sonita became NUTS about Golden Retrievers, which led her to adopting Angus as a puppy 3 years ago.

Sonita came up close and personal with the world of veterinary science in 2018 when her adorable Angus became critically unwell, showing signs of a mysterious peracute toxicity. She brought him to see us at MDAH, where he was hospitalised, and closely monitored until he recovered.  Sonita was quickly convinced that vet nursing was the career for her, and took up a volunteer nursing position. A year later, now a competent trainee vet nurse with her studies well in hand, Sonita is a valuable part of our team, brightening up the place with her positive golden retriever outlook; boundless empathy and enthusiasm for every patient and pet parent!

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