Project Description

Tigger Ryan and his ruptured cruciate ligament.

This is Tigger. Tig is an 11-year-old Cavoodle who lives in Brisbane with Dr Alice’s cousin Louise. Tigger ruptured his left cruciate ligament after he took an unscheduled fall off a retaining wall.

Rupturing the anterior cruciate ligament in a dog’s knee, or ‘stifle’ joint, is one of the most common canine orthopaedic injuries requiring surgery. Some dogs are predisposed to cruciate ligament rupture due to their conformation, whilst others, like Tigger, can injure the ligament as a result of trauma.

Tigger’s family brought him up to the coast to have his surgery at Maroochy District Animal Hospital. In theatre Dr Alice opened up Tigger’s knee joint to clean out the remnants of the damaged ligament and then stabilised the joint using the de angelis technique. At the time of writing, 4 months later, Tigger is doing very well and is back to racing around with his little brother, Chester.